eBike pros & cons

Electric mountain bike vs. normal bike

PROS & CONS – Bird watching point of view


  1. + you can carry heavier load and it doesn’t really affect to your pedaling. You can drive longer distance with heavy load with no effort
  2. + uphills and headwinds are piece of cace
  3. + you can access tough places e.g. you can drive in the field or bad condition rural road
  4. + it is easier to explore new places, such as hilly or forested area or narrow paths
  5. + electric mountain bike rolls better in the snow
  6. + you are not breathless when you make a stop and use your binoculars
  7. + you are 100% sharp and ready for bird watching all the time – you are not tired and sweaty (especially in winter)
  8. + electric mountain bike rolls easily on the asphalt road despite the thick wheels
  9. + you really want to ride your eBike, not the car


  1. – you have to carry a charger if you are driving long distance and you need electricity to charge the battery
  2. – if the battery runs out, your bike gets heavy (don’t let the battery run out)
  3. – eBike is expensive (but not as expensive as a cheap car)
  4. – Expensive bike attracts thiefs
  5. – If you are driving a lot in rural roads you have to wash the bike often, therefore you need a place to wash your bike
  6. – if you want to drive faster than 25 km/h often and you want more exercise to keep fit, the electric mountain bike is probably not suitable for you. Normal eBike may be better option.