At the White-tailed Eagle nest

Recent years there have been several inland sightings of White-tailed Eagle in Päijät-Häme, Finland (Lahti region) in summer, during the breeding season.

In the year 2015 White-tailed Eagle nested in Päijät-Häme but the nest fell down caused by a storm.

In the year 2019 was successful. Birdwatchers found the nest when carefully watching the adults from a distance with a spotting scope.

There were two chicks in the nest. A raven nested only 50 metros away. The birdwatchers visited the site only once to avoid disturbance. When the eagles left the nest, there were some remains of waterfowl and fish below the nest.

The birdwatchers used extreme carefulness. White-tailed Eagle is a protected species. Disturbing the eagle is prohibited during the breeding season.